Snow and a Beast

this morning there was snow, not much but it brought the peace and cushioned sound that comes with it.

yesterday i bought my first computer game ever, i never, ever have been attracted to this form of entertainment which costs me the fun of several gamepartynights in the eighties.
but this was a hint by L showing me programs and gadgets for the i-phone i got yesterday too. perhaps you might understand if you watch this.

this embroidery i made for my friend S, who broke some ribs and a clavicle and has to deal with the state of being dependent for some weeks. she has to wear that silly medical rucksack that reminded me of a beast she has to carry. it came out a little bit too nice and her nose is indeed smaller.

lou made this key pendants for her friends without any help, she is becoming so independent!


Anonymous said...

o good, finally some snow for you. i have lots more, come on over, if you want to go for a magic and silent walk ;) love the embroidered beast and lous pendants. happy new year, lg, d

Kaela said...

pretty! the embroidery & the pendants are both sweet. :)

anette said...

thank you both
Kaela, i always wanted to reply to your nice comment the other day, sometimes i am really bad with answering. just wanted to say that i was delighted and that i have been visiting your blog too which i really like. so finally, here is my hello and a happy new year to you!
D, today the snow is already melting but we try to enjoy the last day of our cocooning winterbreak at home, knitting, playing, eating...and making plans for the first workingweek of this year.

hannna said...

oh finally! i saw the embroidery. so nice. lucky unlucky friend.
and the pendants are so nice, they look professional!

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